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Abacus Self Storage Renovation and Improvement Program

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Since Abacus first opened its doors in May 1999, thousands of satisfied self storage customers have consistently been impressed with the quality of the premises and the storage space offered by Abacus.

However, time and use take their toll with most things, and the premises at Abacus are no exception. Accordingly, Abacus has a continuous program aimed at maintaining and improving on-site quality, safety, security, service, and overall value, all of which is intended to maintain and enhance the Abacus customer experience that has been in place for nearly 20 years.

Current projects include:

  1. The installation of a steel awning over the outside access dock level units in the courtyard area, to keep snow and rain off the dock, and make it safer for customer access and delivery
  2. Installation of a new flagpole at the front;
  3. On-going upgrades to the closed circuit security system;
  4. Grinding and polishing of some interior floors to high finish concrete, in order to improve appearance, and add to customer security with color coded lines for location and direction. This program will continue until all floor areas in the property are similarly upgraded and color coded;
  5. Improvements to help resolve winter icing conditions;
  6. Replacing exterior door springs and panels as access permits;
  7. Replacing the roof over the rear building in 2019, with the front to follow a year later.

This program will continue, indefinitely.

Over the last 3 to 5 years, the program also included:

  1. Replacement of all existing fluorescent lighting ballasts and tubes with LED fixtures;
  2. Replacement of all paved areas to renew the quality of all parking and driving surfaces for safety and convenience;
  3. Improvement of storm water management and drainage on the site;
  4. Painting of all exterior metal surfaces, to improve building and site appearance;
  5. Recovering parts of the metal exterior to improve individual exterior storage unit appearance;
  6. Changes to the on-site natural gas fired emergency generator, to ensure that electrical power will always be available even if there is widespread and lengthy general power outage, and thereby enhance site safety and security;
  7. Replacement and repainting of all bollards, in order to improve site appearance and safety;

This program is in perfect accord with the Abacus creed, which is to deliver the best possible value and overall customer experience in self storage. At Abacus, we will never stop trying to do the right things right.

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