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Four Small Businesses to Operate from a Self-Storage Unit

Four Small Businesses to Operate from a Self-Storage Unit

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Operating a businesses can create a a lot of spare baggage—items that crowd staff and/or customer space and clutter work areas. If you are running your business from home, you definitely understand the struggle of balancing home space with workspace. Depending on the season that you get the most business, the clutter and mayhem can become unmanageable. But now you don’t have to worry! If your home or office is becoming overrun with inventory, supplies, and more, you may want to consider renting a storage unit as an extension of your business.

From photographers, artists, and writers to vintage furniture restoration, there are plenty of different businesses that can benefit from using self storage for excess product inventory, files and records, etc. Instead of running out of space in the living room, why not opt for a storage unit and keep your workspace separate from your home life?

Getting an office or leasing industrial space is expensive and hard for small business owners to afford, especially since they often require tenants to field utility bills and real esate taxes, amongst other costs.

With Abacus Self Storage, your monthly payment for self storage is all in – there are no extra costs. Below are just a few businesses that can use a storage unit to advantage; if you have or are starting one of these businesses, you may want to consider how you can benefit by using a self storage unit.

Why a storage unit?

Reputable operators offer storage units that are clean, secure, and that come in a wide variety of sizes. They offer a flexible rental termand are reasonably priced, and will keep your things safe and secure. On site, you will find attentive and friendly staff. The facility has an alarm system, internal/external camera surveillance, is well lit, has a secure keypad entryway, and an emergency generator to ensure that power is always available in times of power failure and during extreme weather conditions.

Business Ideas to get your Juices Flowing

Although you cannot run your business from a storage unit, there are many ways self-storage can enhance your business. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using a self storage unit to advantage; below are just four diverse ideas to get you thinking about your future money-maker:

  1. Travelling photographer

    Are you a travelling photographer with an at-home business? If so, you can use a storage unit as an extension of your camera and a place to house your collection of tools and props that make you great! Whatever the occasion, with the luxury of the extra space a storage unit provides, you will have everything you need to satisfy your customer and your artistic vision at your fingertips!

  2. Vintage furniture sales

    When offering vintage furniture for resale, one must have a ready-space to keep those pieces safely stored. A storage unit offers you enough space to mimic a showroom, house the pieces not yet restored, and clean up your primary work area (be it your basement, shed, or garage).

    Besides, a wet, leaky basement is no place to store your mid-century living room set, especially if you intend on selling it. Storing furniture—especially in the hopes of someday showcasing it for sale—requires a larger space, such as a warehouse floor. If you’re growing slowly, keeping a few select pieces in storage and listing them for sale locally could be the most practical path to operating a sustainable vintage furniture business that has lots of room for growth.

  3. E-commerce business

    The last thing you want is for your home to become an order fulfilment centre. No matter where you’re selling your products—be it on eBay, Amazon, or Etsy—cluttering your home is never the solution. A self-storage unit can be used as a place to store your merchandise, to photograph it, and even to create product listings. Moving everything to a storage unit means you can finally clear up the goods piled everywhere in your home or office, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve.

To learn more about the latest self-storage options, call Abacus Self Storage at (289) 807-1033 or contact us here.

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