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Abacus COVID-19 Precautions

Notice – Abacus COVID-19 Precautions

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During the pandemic, Abacus will be doing all that it can do to limit risk of exposure to the coronavirus, to both its customers and visitors and to all Abacus personnel.

  1. If anyone is ill, or experiencing symptoms, we respectfully request that you do not enter or attempt to enter the Abacus office area, or the Abacus property;
  2. Visibly ill or displaying symptoms - if Abacus personnel see that a customer or visitor is visibly ill or displaying symptoms, such visitors will be asked to not enter the Abacus office, or if they are on the Abacus property, to leave the property immediately and self isolate or seek medical attention.

Further, the following procedures will be implemented immediately:

  1. Locked office door - The door to the Abacus office will remain locked at all times, in order to restrict access only as may be required for payment, inspecting and renting a unit, etc. Customers and visitors will be able to gain access to the office area by knocking on the door during otherwise normal business hours;
  2. Warehouse to office door – This door will be locked during the pandemic. If a customer or visitor is in the warehouse, they must go to the office entrance door at the front of the property to gain access to the office;
  3. Warehouse washroom – accessible at all times. Customers and visitors are encouraged to use this facility to wash their hands;
  4. Physical separation – Customers and visitors are requested to maintain separation of at least 2 and preferably 3 meters between themselves and Abacus personnel, except if necessary to complete or produce documents, identification, initial payment, etc.;
  5. One customer/visitor at a time – To help preserve the “social separation” or physical separation that our public health authorities are advising, access to the Abacus office will be limited to one customer or visitor at any single time, even if multiple family members are with a customer or visitor. Customers and visitors will be asked to take turns entering the office, by the order in which they arrive;
  6. Make an appointment – To help preserve the Physical separation in #2 above, customers and visitors are encouraged to make an appointment prior to coming to the Abacus office;
  7. Hand Sanitizer – Abacus will, despite the current shortages, try to have hand sanitizer available for customer and visitor use in the office;
  8. Payments - Where possible, Abacus respectfully requests that all customers who do not currently do so make required payments for their unit by either of pre authorized credit card, or by email transfer, or by leaving post dated checks for at least 3 months (if applicable), or for the duration of their occupancy, if possible;
  9. Unit inspection – Customers and visitors are asked to maintain a 2 to 3 meter distance between themselves and Abacus personnel if they wish to enter the warehouse to inspect a unit prior to occupancy.
  10. Office and warehouse cleaning protocols – Abacus has always maintained its office and property so as to be the cleanest in the industry. During the pandemic, additional cleaning efforts will be made to regularly disinfect counter tops, door knobs and handles, elevator buttons, etc.

By working together, we will end this pandemic more quickly and get through it safely. Thank you for your help and cooperation. Contact us here.

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