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The Benefits of Using Self-Storage for Business

The Benefits of Using Self-Storage for Business

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Running a business is easiest when you use all the resources at your fingertips. One resource to take advantage of is self-storage. Self-storage units are used for a variety of purposes, such as keeping unused furniture, stowing yard equipment and tools, and even storing important documents.

Self-storage isn’t a new concept, but it’s often thought of as a product for personal use rather than for companies. For businesses, the advantages of self-storage units are many. Throughout this blog, we’ll touch on the primary reasons companies are turning to self-storage, and why it might be a good fit for you.

Reducing Costs on Inventory Storage

Depending on what your company sells, inventory can take up an enormous amount of space. Some businesses wind up spending a substantial amount more on space to house everything on-site. However, an affordable alternative to buying or renting extra space on a long term basis for temporary short term needs like seasonal retail inventory is self-storage.

Self-storage prices are based on unit size and length of storage time, and do not require a long term lease commitment. Further, many storage facilities offer special incentives to customers, such as one free month of storage, or discounts based on extended use.

Keeping Documents Safe and Manageable

All businesses accumulate paperwork over time. No matter how digitized your company has become, paper documents still find their way into the mix. Self-storage units provide a space to keep papers safe and ample opportunity to organize them. The types of papers your company may want to file in self-storage include:

  • Employee tax records
  • Purchase and sale receipts
  • Customer account information
  • Application forms and resumes
  • Any dormant files as may be required by law

Some of these documents are required by provincial and federal governments to be kept on hand for an allotment of time. This gets problematic for small businesses with minimal office space. Self-storage relieves storage congestion while retaining important information for as long as it’s needed.

Keeping paperwork in a storage unit requires extra care. Be sure the storage space is in clean stackable boxes or plastic cartons, and that filing cabinets are easily accessible and that records are organized for easy retrieval within the unit (i.e. some files may be required at an earlier date or on more often than others). Some businesses store multiple files in one container, and as a result documents are easily misplaced if not kept organized and within reach.

Staying Organized During a Move or Renovation

Self-storage makes moving to a new office a cinch. Furniture, appliances, electronics, office equipment and more can all stashed until needed. The same applies to office remodels when the furniture needs to be moved while painting and repairs are undertaken.

Moving is stressful, no matter how organized you are. From packing and transporting to unloading and redecorating. Knowing your belongings are safely contained in self-storage alleviates some of this strain.

Managing Seasonal Overflow

All businesses face changes with the seasons. Retailers, especially, see a significant shift in merchandise as weather evolves and holidays, come and go. Decorations, overstock, and seasonal products can be stored until needed without fear of theft, damage, or misplacement.

A great example of retailers using self-storage to save space comes with the end of summer. Lawn furniture, barbeques, and other large products can take up unnecessary space on retail premises for months to come. As another example, self-storage keeps products readily available for online sales and flyer deals without obstructing new products from being displayed and stored on a sales floor.

More Storage Options for Home Businesses

Working from home makes the balance between one’s professional and home life a delicate juggling act. Aside from the garage, basement, attic, and a few closets, most houses aren’t equipped to store products and equipment for a home based business.

Self-storage offers a safe place for any items that simply won't fit naturally into a house. This allows home business, and even small business owners to maintain the same level of product availability without overlapping work and home.

Security for Your Belongings

Any time products are left unattended, whether stored or not, they risk being targeted for theft or vandalism. Working with a self-storage company offers an added measure of protection. Items are stored at your convenience, and in some cases, at your own risk. However, self storage facilities often provide surveillance cameras and, if they are operating properly, diligent on site staff who regularly monitor all activity on the self-storage property.

Flexibility for Growing Businesses

Self-storage allows startups to store their inventory easily and affordably without committing to a long contract with a storage warehouse. This flexibility makes it simpler for new small businesses to grow and increase storage unit size as required, or of course decrease the size of a storage unit or just terminate its use.

To learn more about how self-storage could benefit your business, call Abacus Self Storage at 289-807-1033 or contact us here.

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  • Posted On 31-03-2021 by Rebecca Gardner

    It’s good to know how storage helps with seasonal overflow. My sister has a retail business. I’ll share this info so she can determine if a storage facility would be beneficial for her.

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    After going over a handful of the blog articles on your website, I truly appreciate your technique of writing a blog. I bookmarked it to my bookmark webpage list and will be checking back in the near future. Please check out my website as well and let me know what you think.

  • Posted On 01-02-2021 by Taylor Hansen

    I need a storage unit that I can store away my Christmas decorations and seasonal products for my skate shop. It makes sense that a self-storage unit can save space and can keep products ready and on-hand. I’ll find a storage place where I can keep my business’s items safe and secure.

  • Posted On 19-01-2021 by Levi Armstrong

    It’s great that you mentioned that a self-storage container allows a business to have a place to store their inventory without having to rent a storage warehouse. This means that containers are beneficial for startups. My friend, Heather, plans on opening her own boutique downtown. I’ll share this with her so she’ll consider using a self-storage container for her business. Thanks.