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Upcoming trends in self-storage solutions

Top 5 Trends Changing Self-storage Solutions in 2019

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Today’s homeowners and consumers are moving in an interesting direction when it comes to their material possessions. Trends in the housing market favour downsizing to small, compact living spaces like condos, which prompt homeowners to decide whether they’re keeping or ditching larger items. Plus, the modern, minimalist aesthetic — like the Marie Kondo trend that’s sweeping over homes and even offices — demand clutter-free spaces. And as always, when people relocate for work and rent out their homes, they need space to store all the items they can’t bring.

All these scenarios are driving the demand for storage solutions. In particular, more and more people are looking towards the flexibility and convenience of self-storage facilities. If you’re considering renting out a storage unit, here’s what you can expect from self-storage companies this year:

The Millennial Effect

Millennials are constantly driving and defining trends today. Known as the generation that subscribes to convenience enabled by tech-based solutions, millennials are looking towards rising storage providers adopting the startup culture. This means using smartphone apps to rent self-storage units and continuously manage their account. Millennials already largely live on their smartphone. Now that includes keeping an eye on their stored items and ensuring their security without ever setting foot in the building or waiting in phone queues for a customer service representative.

Automated Storage Solutions

We already know that millennials are a huge fan of technology and that includes automation. In self-storage, that means controlled access to units through electronic security gates and a personalized keypad gate, climate controls to prevent damaging items in individual units, interior and exterior CCTV surveillance for 24/7 security monitoring, and intrusion alarms.

In addition, advanced self-storage facilities are equipped with emergency generators to ensure that the building and its features remain operational even during power outages and extreme weather events.  As accessibility requirements evolve, a growing number of self-storage units are now built with accessible loading docks to save customers the hassle of dragging their items through hallways.

All these features work together to ensure that customers are able to store their belongings easily. Whether they’re out of town or busy downsizing, they can rest assured knowing that their stored items are secure and protected from damage.

Retirement and Downsizing

Retirement and subsequent downsizing have become a major driver in the self-storage market. Countless baby boomers are gearing up for retirement and looking into switching from large houses to compact condo units. With this lifestyle change, they require storage solutions for various belongings that wouldn’t suit their downsized residences.

To protect their valuables, baby boomers are in the market for self-storage facilities, with great personal service, automation and security technology like climate control, personalized electronic access, etc.

First-Month-on-Us and Other Offers

Enticing discounts and freebies for new customers are not entirely new, but if you’re considering renting out a self-storage unit, it’s worth shopping around for the best offer. A lot of facilities offer attractive discounts but a caveat is that these offers are usually reserved for long-term storage occupancies. Instead, it’s important to consider your storage requirements along with how long you’re looking to keep items in storage against these offers — after all, you wouldn’t want to shuffle your belongings from one facility to the next when the promotional period ends.

When shopping around for a self-storage facility, you can expect to see up front inducements  and possible free rent for prepaid subsequent months. Plus, you can also benefit from  semiannual or yearly pre-payments, so you can store your goods over extended periods at reduced cost! It’s important to know what your best option is, so don’t hesitate to reach out for a custom quote — self-storage facilities can create a deal customized to your exact needs, so you can enjoy the best rates and service in your market area.

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