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“You don’t just sell self storage-you toss in peace of mind as a value add!”

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Some things never get old! One of those things is that Abacus customers are looking for more than just some place to put their belongings for a period of time. And of course, it never gets old that self storage operators sometimes must be prepared to deliver more than what their customers expect.

For example, there is another blog on this website that describes Abacus’ emergency response during the 2013 ice storm in Toronto. In order to inform its customers, Abacus sent a letter to them outlining the actions taken to deal with the effects of the ice storm.

Unexpectedly, that letter generated many responses, many of which were extremely positive. Further, the responses came from customers in Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Markham, and even California. Abacus was, and of course still is, grateful to all of its customers who took the time to write the following notes:

“Well how about that. You don’t just sell self storage-you toss in peace of mind as a value add! Thanks for the update! I would have thought about it at some point and got paranoid until we called you. You saved us that stress! Thank you!” Signed J.D.

“Wow! That’s amazing…Congratulations and thank you for such highly considerate and diligent service. You are great people and I am glad I have my life’s belongings in your storage, service, and care. Many blessings…And Happy New Year from sunny California.” Signed L.T.

“Thank you VERY MUCH!! I have some memories packed away in my Abacus storage unit and your hard work is truly appreciated!! Thank you again. Regards, M.W.”

“Jane. Thank you so much for sharing this letter. It is good to know that we have a customer service oriented and forward thinking group of individuals look after our property. Please accept my expression of thanks for your efforts and care and that of your staff during the storm and of course, throughout the year. Best Regards.” Signed H.G.

“Jane: Congratulations on the accolades bestowed upon you by your President! I hope he gives you a nice bonus LOL! And thank you on your efforts to keep things status quo for customers. I certainly appreciated your diligence and especially at such a time of year. It will be a Christmas to remember for all of us.” signed M.S.

“Hi Jane that is awesome! Can you please renew me for another month? Thanks.” signed M.L.

“Thanks for the update Jane. It is good to know Abacus has all the bases covered. I know we were getting a little chilly at home, and our power was only out for about 6 hours! Yours very truly,” N.O.

“Thank you Jane, David, staff and Abacus for helping keep my belongings safe!” signed J.S.

“Excellent Jane, thank you for this. Regards,” L.S.

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