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12 Ways You Can Use a Self-Storage Unit to Advantage

12 ways you can use a self-storage Unit to advantage

An ever growing number of people are embracing the idea of decluttering their living spaces. You might be one of those people who might feel their home is overflowing with too much stuff but, like many other people, you aren’t ready to part with many of those items just yet. If that is the case, self-storage in Richmond Hill, next door to and easily accessible from Markham, is the perfect solution to store those things. 

In this article, we will share 12 kinds of things you could put in a self-storage unit to help declutter your home.

1. Your holiday decorations

Whether your home is ablaze with holiday lights that people come to see from miles around, or you like to keep things simple, holiday decorations take up space. Since they are only needed once a year, you can pack them away and put them into a self storage unit to free up space in your garage, attic, or tiny condo closet. Make sure they are neatly organized and labelled in storage bins. 

If you like to decorate on other holidays like Halloween, Easter, and Thanksgiving, you can also store those decorations in a self storage unit.

2. Unused furniture

Although you can decide to sell your unused furniture, your kids (if you have any) might be able to use such furniture when they head off to university or their first apartment. Furniture costs a fortune today, and kids might appreciate having items they can use, until they can afford to invest in their own furnishings. You might also move or change your current situation and find you could use the furniture again. 

Self-storage keeps your furniture available when you need it. Whether you are repurposing a bedroom to create a home office, need space and are repurposing the storage area in your basement, or your kids have outgrown their furniture, you can free up space without getting rid of furniture, which you might later regret.

3. Paperwork and documents

Although you might embrace the paperless approach at home, you still have old papers and documents you need to keep. Whether it’s mortgage documents, tax returns or receipts, documents like birth or marriage certificates, or receipts for business expenses, you can use self-storage as the ideal place to keep valuable old paperwork safely and securely.

4. Collectibles

Although you love your collectibles, they can take up a lot of space or become dust collectors. Unless you proudly display your collectibles as a focal point in your home, they should be safely stored away in a secure self-storage unit. 

You can use storage to make room when you add new finds to your home, or retrieve your items from self storage when you want to put them on display again, or if your tastes change dramatically, you can keep them in a self storage unit until you want to sell them.

5. Old appliances and tools

Many landlords need a place to store items like old appliances, carpeting or flooring for repairs and replacements, light fixtures, cabinet knobs, tools, and more. If you own and manage rental units, self-storage comes in handy to keep anything you need to keep for future use but also need to keep out of sight. 

From lawnmowers to snow or leaf blowers and window blinds to floor mats for the lobby, your self-storage unit keeps things organized and secure.

6. Books, albums, movies, etc.

Although we live in the age of streaming and audio/ebooks, whether you are an avid reader, love your vinyl collection, or are a dedicated movie buff, it doesn’t take long for your collections to start taking up too much space. 

A self-storage unit allows you to hang on to all your favourite books, music, and movies without creating clutter in your home. Also, many of these items could become collectors’ items in the future, making them a smart long term investment.

7. Precious art

If you are an art collector and have run out of wall space, you need a place to safely store your precious paintings, sculptures, etc. These items are much safer in a high-security and temperature-controlled storage unit. You can also keep them in crates to protect them and have them ready to hang, show at galleries, or sell in pristine condition.

8. Antiques

Whether you collect antiques or have inherited family heirlooms, but your antique furniture doesn’t suit your décor or can’t be stored safely in your home, it makes good sense to hold onto them as an investment. 

If you’ve ever watched the Antiques Roadshow, you know that many antique furniture pieces can become quite valuable. You can also use self storage to keep heirlooms in the family and have them ready to pass on to other family members.

9. Unused clothing

If you have a smaller home, even something like seasonal clothing can take up precious storage space. Self-storage offers a safe, dry space to store your clothing, whether it is seasonal clothing, maternity clothes, a wedding gown, or even clothes that no longer fit. 

You can seal your clothes in bags to protect them from moisture and know they are ready to wear when needed.

10. Seasonal toys

If your house is overrun with toys, you can downsize the clutter by separating the seasonal toys such as pool noodles, buckets and shovels, and inflatables for swimming and beach trips, and sleds for the winter. 

When the seasons change, you can make a quick run to your self-storage unit adjacent and swap out the summer for winter toys or vice versa. Other seasonal items you can store include camping gear, scooters, bikes, skateboards, and more.

11. Seasonal outdoor furniture

Whether you have a tiny balcony or an entire backyard, seasonal outdoor furniture takes up tons of space. Many apartment buildings and condos have restrictions on what you can store on your balcony, which means you’ll need somewhere to keep your chairs or bistro sets in the winter. 

At home, large outdoor furniture sets like dining furniture, couches, and lounge chairs are cumbersome to store in your garage. At the same time, they shouldn’t be kept outdoors all winter long. A self-storage unit will keep all of your seasonal outdoor furniture protected from the cold Ontario winters until the warm weather returns.

12. Baby items

If you are raising a family, the clothes from your first baby are a gold mine, ready for use for your next child. As your child grows out of their clothes, toys, and furniture, you can move everything to your storage unit to free up space and be ready for the arrival of your next child.

This not only frees up space, but also saves money so you can have more money for your kids. Baby gear like car seats, cribs/bassinets, baby tubs, and more can all be stored away to make room for your growing family. 

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