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Make Your Move Easier – Have the Right Packing and Moving Supplies

Make Your Move Easier - Have the Right Packing and Moving Supplies

Moving is a fact of life, and most of us will do it several times. With planning, and by having and using well-designed packing and moving supplies, the challenge and stress related to moving can be minimized. Of course, moving is most often related to a change in your life – your first apartment or condo with the sense of adventure that brings, a new job where you hope to reach greater career heights or seek greener pastures, a new relationship with all the anticipation it brings, etc. – all of which are exciting, but also anxiety-inducing. Reduce the stress of moving for any reason by using moving and packing supplies designed for the job.

Once you have decided to move, find a source of packing and moving supplies and become familiar with the various things that are available to help you pack the things you like and want to keep. (Abacus Self Storage has a broad range of packing and moving supplies.) This step will cause you to think about what you have, and will also help you decide what you want to move and what you may want to discard, either by recycling it with a social agency (your discards can be another person’s gold!) or by throwing things away. If you can, make these decisions before you pack, in order to give yourself more emotional and psychological space to help you through your move (perhaps the most important benefit of this step), and physical space to get your packing completed effectively.

When you have decided on the packing and moving supplies you need, start packing early so moving day is well organized and goes as smoothly as possible. When you pack, label boxes clearly with contents and room destination to reduce the confusion when you are off loading your belongings from the moving van. Further, and if you have some items that you do not want to immediately take with you to your new home, packing as early as possible will also help you decide whether you want to dispose of certain things, or to decide on the size of a temporary storage unit so you can keep things for later use.

1. Specialty Boxes

In any move, special purpose boxes will save time in packing and will help protect your belongings against damage during the move. Dishes, glasses, mirrors, clothing, appliances, etc. can all be placed in sturdy purpose designed boxes that are clean and safe for your move. Also available are regular boxes that range in size, to give you choice for putting things like pillows in larger boxes, or heavier objects (like books and other more weighty items) in smaller boxes (to avoid back strain).

It is best to avoid used boxes, as these can be flimsy and not strong enough to protect your valuables. Further, boxes previously used can be homes for pest larvae and other infestations.

2. Packing Essentials

Why have boxes without the right essentials? The core of self-storage packing supplies includes a handy pair of scissors, durable tape, and non-fading markers — with multiple back-ups. Use these for packing, labelling, and effective storage, and come back to your valuables just as secure and organized as you left them.

You’ll also want to keep a box cutter handy throughout the move, so you’re prepared to easily pack and repack boxes and keep valuables within reach, and unpack hassle-free when you get to your new place.

3. Wrapping Materials

Packing isn’t just stashing items in boxes; some things just need to be wrapped (especially if you do not use purpose designed boxes). For delicate items like glassware, old newspapers or packing papers are especially effective at preventing chips and scratches. They’re also eco-friendly compared to styrofoam, which is a nice bonus.

Bubble wrap and shrink wrap are also good options for other fragile items and breakables, such as electronics, vases, and mirrors. These prevent scratches, cracks, and scuffs, keeping your valuables in perfect condition while in storage.

You can add foam peanuts to keep fragile items from shifting, providing an additional cushion against scratches and breakage. With proper wrapping, you can keep items safe and in perfect condition from transport to storage — and ready for use when you’re back.

4. Mattress Covers

For creatures of habit everywhere around the world, there’s no other way to get a good night’s sleep than on their beloved bed, whether it’s a memory foam cushion or an updated box spring model.

Unfortunately, mattresses are also some of the bulkiest items to move. If you plan on using your mattress again, you’ll want to preserve its original condition, so you can be just as well-rested in your new home as you are currently. This is where a mattress cover makes a good investment. Simply fit your mattress with it during the move, and let it do its job of keeping dirt and pests away from a good night’s rest.

If you’re going on an extended trip, storing your mattress in a self-storage unit is a smart move. But you should still take the right precautions – use a mattress cover to keep your mattress clean and safe.

5. Furniture Covers

Whether it’s a trendy coffee table or a dining table that’s witnessed a lot of fun conversations and memorable dinner parties, there’s no denying that furniture pieces are more than just functional – they are sentimental and essential to your home’s interior design.

Unfortunately, some of these pieces may be bulky, and if you’re moving to a compact space, a lot of them might not make the cut in favour of limited real estate. And while some pieces will fit in your new home, some may not. If that happens, it can be difficult to let go of a favorite piece that you have had for a long time. A good way to keep any such piece in perfect condition is to store it in a self-storage unit.

To keep these lifestyle essentials in perfect condition, you’ll need furniture covers.

When draped over couches and cabinets, furniture covers keep dust and pests away, while allowing furniture to breathe to prevent mould and mildew from accumulating and possibly damaging them in the long run.

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