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Things You Shouldn’t Put in a Storage Unit

Things You Shouldn’t Put in a Storage Unit

There are many amazing uses for storage units. Whether you’re moving, transitioning a loved one into a senior center, or simply need extra space for belongings — self-storage units can be very useful.

Having been in the storage industry for two decades, we’ve seen attempts to place just about anything you can imagine in a storage unit. While we provide space for small and large items, not everything can be kept in self-storage safely.

In fact, we often receive questions regarding restricted items and what shouldn’t be stored. This prompted us to write a blog with a rundown on self-storage no-no’s and what can’t be stored.

Financial Responsibility

As a general rule, anyone who puts any item in an Abacus self-storage unit that causes any damage to the self-storage unit or to the Abacus property, or to the contents of any other self-storage unit, or that causes injury to Abacus personnel or to any Abacus customer or visitor, will be held financially responsible and accountable for such damage or injury.

Food Items

Food storage of any kind is strictly prohibited. Abacus runs an immaculate facility; however, storing food products that spoil and cause odour could attract mice, rats, and bugs to your unit, as well as being unpleasant when you visit your unit. Food spoilage can also cause a permanent odour in appliances and resulting damage.

Pests could infest other belongings in your unit, as well as units next to or adjacent to your unit. Furniture and appliances make great hiding places for insects and rodents.

Belongings with Extreme Odours

Sometimes items have extreme odours. Cleaning products, improperly sealed perfume and cologne, strong-smelling candles or soaps, essential oils, and musty furniture are a few examples of items to keep out of storage. When strong smells are confined to tight quarters, the scents can become more intense. While it is OK to store carpets and rugs, they must be placed in sealed containers to prevent infestation by moths and other insects. Unit licensees will be held responsible and pay for the costs of dealing
with any such infestation.

Anything Illegal

Storing anything illegal in an Abacus self-storage unit is strictly prohibited. Storing drugs or other illicit items will result in the police being notified and possibly in criminal charges.

At Abacus Self Storage, we care about our clients and your belongings. We always want your unit, and your belongings, to be safe and secure. To fulfill this desire, we expect our customers to follow provincial laws and not bring anything illegal into the storage facility. Anyone storing anything illegal in an Abacus storage unit will be asked to vacate immediately.

Money and Valuables

It’s second nature to want to store our most valuable belongings under lock and key, and sometimes customers have put valuables in storage units. However, this an unwise practice and Abacus will not accept any liability for any loss of these kinds of items. Valuables include:

  • Jewelry
  • Foreign currency
  • Gold bars
  • Family heirlooms
  • Gemstones
  • Cash

A better option for money and valuables is a bank safety deposit box. If you’re not sure which would be better, talk to your bank to determine the best course of action and to learn about their facilities for storing valuable items.

Living Creatures

This is obvious, but we felt it was important to note. People, animals, and even plants shouldn’t be kept in a self-storage unit. Units are dark and don’t receive enough light to keep even a houseplant healthy. Placing living things into a storage unit isn’t safe and could result in injury, illness, or worse.

For clients requiring care for living things during a move, we often suggest pet daycares, the assistance of friends and family, or finding a new home for pets or living items.

Old Cars and Other Vehicles

When you’re not yet ready to part with a favourite old automobile, but you can’t get it to start, a storage unit isn’t the answer. Some storage facilities will allow a vehicle to be kept inside if it is registered and in good running condition, however, an old broken-down model could leak fluids, spread rust, or cause fumes inside the unit.

If you don’t have a garage of your own, try looking for garage-share programs online. Many people rent their garages and parking spaces to others when not in use. You could find a perfectly safe garage to store and work on your vehicle without worrying about storage laws.

Techno Gadgets and Electronics

Mobile phones, tablets, televisions, and even old VCRs can become problematic when they reach extreme temperatures, particularly if they have batteries in them (leaking batteries can spontaneously combust and are potential fire hazards).

Flammable and Toxic Materials

Putting flammable, hazardous, or toxic substances into a self-storage unit is strictly prohibited, for safety and security reasons.

Toxic fumes, corrosivity, and similar reactions could affect other items in your own self-storage unit, or in units next to yours, and potentially even to your health when you open the door to your unit, or to the health of people around your unit.

Similarly, anything which could cause an explosion or fire isn’t allowed in storage. This includes:

  • Fireworks
  • Loaded Firearms
  • Ammunition
  • Batteries of any kind
  • Petroleum products of any kind
  • Matches
  • Lighters
  • Explosives

These should be stored separately and safely according to the laws of Ontario.

To learn more about permitted ways to use your self-storage unit, call Abacus Self Storage

at 1-289-807 0981 or contact us here.


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If your contact information (phone, email, address) changes, please let us know as soon as possible. If you are moving, be sure to change address for utilities, telephones, etc. Organize a checklist related to your move. The post office has special forms for address changes.
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Take time to review the storage agreement, as it is your protection while in storage.