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Top Security Features Every Storage Facility Needs

Top security features every storage facility needs

Whether you are storing family heirlooms, seasonal decorations, important documents, furniture, or tools in your self-storage unit, one of the most important factors is being able to store things (either on a short- or long-term basis) with confidence that all items will be as you left them when you return.

In addition to protecting things against the elements, including temperature-related damage, and exposure to other risks like mould, moisture, and pests, it is also necessary to protect against theft. To keep your valued belongings safeguarded against such a threat, it is essential to have quality security measures in place.

In addition to ensuring that only authorized persons can gain entry to your self-storage unit, implementing security protocols deters potential thieves from attempting to access your things.

Obvious and extensive security is in itself a deterrent for criminals since it is an easy target; a well-guarded unit has the opposite effect and drives such people away.

What are the security features that every storage facility should be equipped with?

Of course, when it comes to the implementation of security measures at storage facilities, the more the better. It is also important to ensure that the right security features are installed to maximize the units’ safety. 

Certain types of security systems tend to have more advantages that can be leveraged, and the specific type of environments that these facilities normally have will call for particular needs to be met.

The following are some of the most crucial security features that every storage facility should be equipped with for maximized safety:

1. High-quality lighting

Generally, criminals prefer dark and shadowy areas, as it is often much easier to get in and out of places with poor lighting undetected. Therefore, self-storage facilities that invest in high-quality LED lighting throughout the facility tend to be safer facilities.

If you are uncertain about how well-lit a given storage facility is during your search, visit it at night to witness the full effect of its lighting. If you find a facility’s lighting lacking, you may want to look elsewhere for a better-lit option.

2. Reliable camera surveillance

In addition to ensuring the whole facility is always well-lit, it is equally important to ensure that the entire place—inside and outside—is being surveilled at all times. A high-quality video surveillance system can most effectively achieve this. 

The primary function of security cameras is to record everything in every nook and cranny of the facility to ensure that no suspicious activity is occurring. They also provide police with concrete evidence so that a case of robbery or vandalism can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Security cameras are an effective way to deter potential criminals. Cameras are an obvious indication that security is being taken seriously.

It is crucial to see how many cameras a storage facility has, whether they are on 24/7, and how this footage is reviewed/stored to better grasp how seriously they take their video surveillance.

3. On-Site Staff

When you are on site at a facility, notice if the staff are attentive and courteous, and interested in providing high quality service. These types of staff members are generally interested in their customers, and are also interested in observing what is happening on the site. 

During regular office hours, attentive staff who patrol the site a few times per day are an excellent crime prevention element.   

4. Reliable 24/7 Electrical service

A continuous supply of electricity is essential to maintain emergency lighting and all security systems 24/7. However, as everyone has experienced from time to time, interruptions from electrical utility suppliers that cause blackouts do occur. 

Therefore a fundamental security element for a self-storage facility is an alternative source of electricity in the event of a power failure, which can be supplied by an emergency generator. 

The best kind of generator is one that is fired by an uninterruptible supply of natural gas that automatically turns on, as that will allow the emergency generator to run indefinitely in the event of major ice storms, and that starts generating electricity as soon as any blackout occurs. 

5. Proper locks for each unit

It is essential to ensure that individual self-storage units are well protected, which is why all units, including vacant units, should be equipped with individual locks.

Typically, tens or even hundreds of users access a given storage facility every day. While they may all be entirely trustworthy, it is not worth taking any risks. Individually locked units prevent others from accessing yours, as well as keeping vacant units secure. 

When it comes to securing individual units, the particular lock chosen is also important, as some locks, like padlocks, are relatively easy to break.

If you spot a self-storage facility that has units equipped with round locks or lockboxes, this is generally a good sign, as they are much harder to break, even with a hammer or bolt-cutters.

6. Monitored alarms

Monitored Indoor motion sensors and alarms, with security response if necessary, are an integral part of property security in a self-storage property. Restricted hours of access to the property (with arranged access during such hours if necessary) are an element that provides control overnight (for customer security, it is best to limit the threat represented by the unannounced presence of someone at 3 AM).

How Abacus Self Storage Can Provide Storage Solutions to Meet Your Security Needs

If you are looking for reliable storage in Richmond Hill that meets the above criteria, and therefore ensuring that your belongings are well-secured, Abacus Self Storage can help you meet your secure storage needs. 

As a priority, Abacus prioritizes security continuously, to keep its storage facility’s security top-notch to give customers comfort when storing their valuables. 

We have implemented numerous security measures and protocols, including regular site security checks by our attentive staff, as well as the use of LED light fixtures, gates around our facility that can only be accessed via a keypad, monitored intrusion alarms, a large number of interior and exterior cameras, and an emergency electricity generator.

Thus, you can have peace of mind knowing that when you leave your things with us, everything will be exactly as you left them when you return, whether for the short or long term.

We have units of all sizes and types, which gives us the ability to satisfy your self-storage needs, no matter what your storage needs are.

For more information about the options we offer for storage in Richmond Hill, or to learn more about our intensive security measures, call Abacus Self Storage at 289-807-1033 or contact us here.


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