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Self Storage FAQs

Self storage is a bit of a black box for many people who decide to use it for the first time – most commonly, what people are seeking is peace of mind while their belongings are in storage. Here are some of the questions most commonly asked by newcomers to self storage:

Are the unit's climate-controlled?
Yes! Our Self Storage warehouse units are maintained at a minimum of 8 to 10 degrees Celsius in winter (a relatively low temperature to minimize impact on climate change.), with fresh air supply in summer. Learn more
Why would I need a climate-controlled unit?
A very important security feature are the fire protection systems in the building, which must be kept above freezing temperatures. Further, some items can get damaged if left in extreme heat or cold. Finally, it is more comfortable while customers are on the property.
Are the units clean?
We pride ourselves on our clean property and clean storage units. Take a look inside one here.
Do you offer a truck?
No, we specialize in self storage – we are not in the moving business.
Is there someone on site to help load and offload?
No, we specialize in self storage – we are not in the moving business.
Are there outlets in the units?
No, as the units are to be used for storage only, in order to preserve cleanliness and security.
Why do I see bait stations around the property and inside the unit?
We have a major emphasis on pest control to keep the entire property pest-free. This means using proactive measures such as bait stations indoors and outdoors to ensure we are providing the best space for our customers to store their belongings.
Why isn't the facility 24-hour access?
Security is a top priority, and we want to control access and to know who is or may be on the property during certain restricted hours. If needed, access during restricted hours can be arranged.
Is there security?
We have just doubled the number of interior and exterior cameras, in order to improve surveillance on all units on the property at all times. Further, our property is fully fenced, has a code access electronic security gate, and has monitored intrusion alarms. As importantly, our on-site staff regularly patrol the property during business hours, and at random times outside office hours and during restricted hours. You can rest assured we are doing our utmost to keep your belonging safe. Learn more about our Features and Security here.
Can I work inside the unit?
No, the units are for storage only.
Can I transfer to a smaller or larger unit?
Yes at any time, and we will be happy to accommodate any change in your storage needs – provided of course that we have a unit of appropriate size available. However, in over 20 years of existence, we have ALWAYS been able to accommodate these kinds of customer requirements. If you do make this kind of a unit change, we will give you a credit for any unexpired but already paid time on your existing unit.
Do I need to have my own lock on my unit?
Yes, and it must be one that is specified by us, and which we have available for purchase.
Can my mover move my things in without me being there?
Yes, however we highly recommend that you be present at all such times to insure that your goods have not been damaged when they were put onto the moving van or during transit, and are not damaged during the move from the moving van into storage. Of course, you can also, if you are present, tell the movers how you want your belongings organized in the storage unit for ease of access, safety, etc.
Should I wrap my furniture?
Use drop or bed sheets to protect large furniture. While it is not necessary to wrap furniture and other items, protecting your belongings is not a bad idea. To help you do so, we have various kinds of packing and protection materials.
Why are units on the second floor cheaper?
The only difference from the ground to the second floor is a very brief elevator ride. However, we recognize this difference with a small price differential.
What sort of things are not allowed to be stored in the units?
For safety reasons, there are some items that are not permitted to be stored in our units. Amongst other things, this includes any hazardous material, flammable goods or explosives as well as propane tanks. The storage of any animals or perishable food is also strictly prohibited.
Is there anything I should know about storing my electronics/appliances in the storage unit?
It is important to remove all contents from appliances, and clean them to ensure that no odours are created. Leaking batteries can damage cameras, flashlights, etc. so be sure to remove them. Where possible, use original cartons for television sets, stereos, computers, etc. Batteries of any kind, especially any batteries that may be leaking, and regardless of whether they are “loose” or in any device that needs batteries, may be a spontaneous explosion and/or fire hazard. Accordingly, all batteries must be removed from any items containing batteries, such as appliances, toys, laptops, etc. prior to placing any such items in storage.
What can I do to make it easier to find things in the storage unit?
We suggest that for easy identification, label all boxes. Arrange things so you can easily get to things that you might need while in storage. Please ensure you drain all oil and gas from lawnmowers and wrap in heavy plastic to prevent damage to your other items.
What can I do to provide added protection to my fragile belongings?
Be sure to wrap fragile items in bubble wrap, or some other form of protection. Use bubble wrap or packing paper to fill empty space in boxes. Buy specialized cartons from Abacus, so you can pack delicate or more valuable items securely.
I need to store furniture, how can I optimize the storage unit’s space?
Use the 9` height of the unit to save floor space. For example, stand couches on end and stack boxes. Where possible, remove legs from furniture.
Any tips to make the move in preparations easier?
Keep the weight of individual boxes reasonable, so they are easy to handle (say 30 lb. Maximum)


What is the price, and are there any promotions?
Our affordable prices are always set to deliver great value. Further, we regularly run promotions to give our customers the best deals on self-storage. Click here to view a list of our current specials.
What should I do if my administrative information has changed?
If your contact information (phone, email, address) changes, please let us know as soon as possible. If you are moving, be sure to change address for utilities, telephones, etc. Organize a checklist related to your move. The post office has special forms for address changes.
What do I need to do if I want to vacate my unit?
Give 1 week notice when the unit is being vacated.
Do I need reservations on a storage unit?
Make advance reservations so that you are sure that a properly sized storage unit will be available when you need it. (At Abacus, we often allow early reservations at no charge).
What should I be aware of when renting a storage unit?
Take time to review the storage agreement, as it is your protection while in storage.
What can I do to avoid late fees?
Keep your storage unit payments current, to avoid late fees. Better yet, leave a pre authorized credit card number, so that your stay in self storage is problem free.
What is the difference between a four week and monthly pay period?
Before signing a self storage contract, be sure to clarify what the pay period is. When paying on a 4 week basis, add 8.3% to the quote in order to make an accurate comparison to a monthly quote. Learn more about how to compare rates.
What is contents insurance, and why do I need it?
Contents insurance is meant to protect your investment in your belongings, and the cost of doing so is quite nominal. While we take every precaution to see that you will be able to retrieve your belongings in the same condition as they were when you put them in storage, things can happen even though there is only a very small probability that something will happen while you are in storage. For instance, many years ago an Abacus customer accidentally damaged a sprinkler head, and a number of units got flooded and contents were damaged. As a result, those customers that had insurance avoided serious loss.

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