Abacus Short & Long Term Storage

Abacus Short & Long Term Storage

Short or Long Term Storage?

A great advantage of self storage occupancy at Abacus is its flexibility. You can move in immediately if it is empty, and you can use it only for as long as you need it (i.e. one month, or longer (some customers have been at Abacus for 20 years!), regardless of how long that may be. Further, you can terminate your storage unit occupancy at Abacus on the monthly anniversary of your move in date. So you can rent for one month, and stay as long as you want, or just leave at the end of your first month.

Therefore, at Abacus there really is no distinction between short and long term storage. The short or long term decision is based purely on the needs of the person who needs the self storage, at the time they are renting a storage unit.  

Short term storage is designed to be a stop gap measure – something flexible that allows you a bit more space only when you need it. A lot of people will use short term storage while they’re moving, while they’re renovating, or even to accommodate short term stays by relatives.

Short Term versus Long Term Storage Packing Basics

Packing and packaging is something we get asked about at Abacus Self Storage. From what type of boxes to use and which packaging material is best, to the kind of tape used to secure boxes and how to stack them properly. But just as important, as the materials you use to pack your belongings for storage, is how you pack them.

For really short term storage, you don’t always need dust covers for bigger items like furniture, as there isn’t much time for dust to settle. Most often, you can cover things with a bed sheet or cloth and get reasonable protection.

However, even if only for a short term, pack your fragile items carefully. While some things won’t need secure packaging and protection for short-term storage, anything fragile or valuable still needs to be taken care of properly. Make sure fragile items are wrapped and protected well, and stored in containers or boxes that will not shift and fall.

To make storage easier, you should pack your items inside your unit in a different order, depending on what you may need while in self storage, and regardless of whether you’re putting them in for long or short term storage. This will help you stay organized, as well as save you time if you have to get anything out of or put something into the unit before you move out of the storage unit.

To create better access to items in storage, leave yourself an access aisle in the middle of the storage unit. This will make it easier to move things in and out, even during a short term stay. If you can, arrange your boxes and items against the unit walls and stack them safely, using all the vertical space you can.

Long Term Storage 

Long-term storage generally is a term of about 3 months or longer. When putting items into long-term storage, there are a few things to bear in mind:

Use plastic covers or bags as appropriate but only if they are completely dry and clean. While plastic covers or bags might seem like a great way to protect against water damage, the opposite sometimes occurs – the plastic can trap moisture and speed up the growth of mould and mildew on things in the bag. If you do use plastic, make sure that the items going into the bag are as dry as possible.

  • Invest in clean and good quality boxes, preferably ones that have not been previously used. While recycling boxes from other peoples moves or from other uses might be cheaper, they can have invisible residues that may attract pests, or may even contain the pests themselves. Further, it is better to have boxes that are similar in size so that they can be stacked to save space. Of course, you can also use plastic containers that are stackable. A small expenditure for good quality boxes and containers that save space will quickly pay for themselves in the reduced amount of space needed. Good boxes and containers will also protect your belongings and preserve their value to you.
  • Pack fragile items carefully. Individually wrap fragile items in bubble wrap and/or newspaper and mark their boxes accordingly. Use clean egg cartons for really small items.
  • Seal any clothes or fabrics. If you can, use vacuum sealed bags for storing clothes, curtains and general soft furnishings. This will protect against humidity changes and insects.
  • If you’re storing appliances, make sure they are cleaned thoroughly before you put them in, again to prevent the attraction of any insects or other pests. Wipe down the interior and exterior with something like baking soda or bleach to make sure the appliances are clean.
  • Stack everything on pallets if you can. Put a pallet layer on the floor of your unit, and stack boxes and furniture on top of them. This prevents condensation and water damage under these items and allows air movement through the unit, which helps prevent damage to your goods while in storage.
  • As a general rule for both long and short-term storage, it’s a good idea to clearly label everything. If you can, keep an inventory list of what’s in your unit, either on a clipboard on the inside of the door, or on your mobile, so you can always find what you need.

Why Abacus

 At Abacus Self Storage, we help people with short and long term storage questions and needs every day – please call us. Our units can be rented monthly, or for any term that you may need. If you would like to find out more about our self-storage facilities, contact us at abacuselfstorage.com.


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Abacus has been helping customers meet their storage needs over many years.

The people in our testimonials are amongst the thousands of people that Abacus has had the privilege of serving since 1999. Some of these customers have taken the time to give us feedback, both personally and in written reviews, on their experience at Abacus, and for that we are most grateful.

Amir Samadi
Amir Samadi
Friendly helpful staff. Clean and well maintained facilities, well lit, easy to get in and out of with access code and gate. Nice size storage units. Reasonably priced.
KC Chow
KC Chow
I have been using Abacus Self Storage for a number of years now and I am still extremely happy with the service and facilities. The staff are always friendly and knowledgeable, and they have made the process of renting a storage unit a breeze. The facilities are top-notch, with well-maintained and secure storage units, climate control options, and 24-hour surveillance. I feel confident knowing that my belongings are safe and secure, and I have peace of mind knowing that the facilities are well-maintained and protected. The location is also convenient and easy to access, making it a great option for anyone looking for storage solutions in the area. The prices are competitive, and the range of unit sizes and amenities offered is impressive, making it easy to find the perfect storage solution to meet my needs. I would rate my experience with Abacus Self Storage a solid 5 stars. The staff are always friendly and professional, the facilities are top-notch, and the overall experience has been a positive one. I have been using them for a number of years now, and I have never had a problem or a negative experience. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for secure and reliable storage solutions in the Richmond Hill area.
Jannetta Oum
Jannetta Oum
This place is the best storage place in town they went above and beyond workers are very professional and friendly the boss genuinely cares about his clients and take good care of them I recommend this place to everyone
Amit Thakor
Amit Thakor
The staff here is very kind and helpful. They showed me around and even pushed the due date a little further at no cost. Also the locker unit is right near the door.


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What is the price, and are there any promotions?

Our affordable prices are always set to deliver great value. Further, we regularly run promotions to give our customers the best deals on self-storage.

What should I do if my administrative/personal information has changed?
If your contact information (phone, email, address) changes, please let us know as soon as possible. If you are moving, be sure to change address for utilities, telephones, etc. Organize a checklist related to your move. The post office has special forms for address changes.
What do I need to do if I want to vacate my unit?
Give 1 week notice when the unit is being vacated.
Do I need reservations on a storage unit?
Inquire about advance reservations, to help ensure that a properly sized storage unit will be available when you need it. At Abacus, we do not charge for making advance reservations.
What should I be aware of when renting a storage unit?
Take time to review the storage agreement, as it is your protection while in storage.