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How to Store and Organize Your Pool Toys

How to store and organize your pool toys?

With the long summer days here, your backyard can quickly become cluttered with all kinds of pool toys and inflatables. Following these pool storage tips can help keep your pool area clean and organized so you can relax, enjoy your outdoor space, and maintain your pool items in optimal condition between summers.

Finding the Right Pool Toy Storage Solution

After your kids leave the pool, the area around it is usually full of pool noodles, diving rings, floaties, and other inflatables. You don’t want to deflate the toys. Fortunately, several storage products and solutions are suitable for putting away the pool toys so you can clean up your pool area in a few minutes.

Some of the typical pool storage options include:

1. Mesh hanging pool toy storage

The suspended mesh is a great storage option to keep your inflatable pool toys off the ground while allowing them to drip dry. They come in different sizes with adjustable hooks and straps to accommodate bulky pool items, including large tubes, toys, noodles, and floats. The mesh storage can be hung from your fence, gate, or the PVC holding your above ground pool.

2. Deck box

This outdoor storage box is ideal for keeping your pool toys dry and organized in the backyard. It can also function as a bench with its lid closed, serving as a storage area and pool seating.

The deck box should be made from a durable plastic resin material that is UV treated and fade-free for maximum durability. This weathertight box can also be used for long-term storage of your pool stuff until the next summer. But make sure that the items are dry if you plan on storing them over the winter.

3. Mesh rolling storage bin

If you’re looking for a portable outdoor storage solution that will keep your pool toys dry and off the ground, then the mesh rolling storage bin might be just what you need.

Mesh storage bins allow you to let the water drip off your toys to prevent mildew, and also to change the location of your storage area by moving or rolling the bin around. This means you can simply move it out of the way when not in use. Mesh containers are large enough to hold different kinds of pool toys.

4. Rolling pool caddy

This storage option is ideal for households with multiple loungers since they can be conveniently lined up sideways. Pool caddies have a durable construction that is fading and weather resistant.

5. Storage unit

A storage unit is great for keeping float rings, life jackets, kickboards, other pool toys, as well as having additional shelving for storing pool noodles and other summer items. A storage unit also means having more space at home for items you use year-round.

6. Storage bench

This is a pool bench with a storage area under the seat. It is constructed from UV-protected, weather-resistant, waterproof material, making it a great storage and seat combination for your patio, backyard, or pool deck.

7. DIY storage options

If you don’t want to spend money buying outdoor pool storage options during summer, you can improvise with readily available materials. For instance, you can use some hooks to support a cargo net against one of your walls or fence for drying and storing pool toys. Or use a pallet with hooks to keep the pool accessories off the ground. You could even try hanging some baskets on the wall, each with a different colour for your family members.

Considerations When Purchasing a Pool Storage Solution

Whichever type of pool storage option you choose for your toys, towels, and pool accessories, the best selection will depend on your specific needs, such as:

1. Size

The ideal pool storage solution should accommodate all your pool toys, including the bigger inflatables and accessories. For example, storage units come in different sizes to suit various storage needs, so if you have lots of pool toys and summer items, they can be stored in a storage unit size that suits your needs.

2. Function

From the storage options discussed above, it’s clear that different pool storage solutions serve different needs. Some have frames to hang your towels, while others have mesh construction to keep your pool accessories dry. Some offer suspended mesh storage to help drip dry the toys and provide a view of the contents, while others are positioned on the ground with more robust construction to function as pool seats.

3. Durability

You should determine whether you want a pool storage solution to use during the summer months or all-year-round storage. Also, consider the items that you will put in it or on it to ensure it can withstand the weight. Keep in mind that many large and durable pool storage containers can be quite heavy, so you might consider choosing a sturdy solution, like a storage unit, to store bulky items.

4. Cost

Cost depends on different factors, including size, choice of material, and design. Resin and plastic deck containers are more affordable compared to wood storage containers. They also require little maintenance, but can be difficult to fix if damaged. You can also choose affordable mesh pool storage containers.

The main reason for organizing your pool accessories during summer is to keep your yard neat and tidy. You also save money by preventing the toys from getting lost when tossed in the yard or damaged when stepped on.

Once the summer months are over, you can simply wash, dry, and deflate your pool toys and accessories before putting them in your storage container or moving them to a storage unit where they’ll be safe until the next time you want to use them.

To learn more pool storage tips and how to properly store your summer items, call Abacus Self-Storage at 289-807-0981 or contact us here.


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