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Trees getting planted by Abacus in recognition of its new solar panel installation

Abacus Will Have 112 Trees Planted in Recognition of Its New Solar Panel Installation

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With all that we hear about relative to covid-19, the economy, job losses, etc., good news is in short supply. However, Abacus Self Storage hereby makes its modest contribution to the good news we all want to hear.

  Abacus Self Storage is proud to announce that it has just completed the installation of a solar powered electrical generation system that will reduce its electrical power consumption to nearly zero kwh, or by about 95% from what it would otherwise be. This installation by Alectric means that Abacus is now essentially Carbon Neutral for any consumption of electricity on its property.

  In recognition of its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, Abacus Self Storage will have 112 trees planted in its honor by Tree Canada. Tree Canada is the largest tree planting charity in Canada. One tree will be planted for each kilowatt hour created by the solar panel installation.

  The process of achieving this goal started in the 2rd quarter of 2019, and it meant that Abacus would have to make a significant capital expenditure.

  Driving this decision were 2 things. The first is that all of the people at Abacus are concerned about the issue of climate change and its impact on our global home, and its consequential impact on all of our relatively immediate futures, as well as the longer term well being of our children and grandchildren. (As examples, we are already experiencing insect and related disease spread, threats to our food supply, etc.) Indeed, reducing and substantially eliminating our carbon imprint became an easy decision.

  The second element driving this decision is that it makes reasonable economic sense. While there is not a terrific return on investment, it is not unreasonable, and the return is also assisted by current rules on tax deductibility.

  This investment in our collective futures by Abacus Self Storage reflects our on-going commitment to the community we serve. It is also only one in a long and continuing series of steps to being a best in class self storage facility, with consistent emphasis on great service, super clean facilities, and continuous improvements to ensure superb security.

  Abacus Self Storage welcomes any questions anyone may have about our energy conservation efforts related to the solar panel installation and about our operating practices related to energy conservation, and /or about prior installations, such as LED lighting, on its property that have been occurring over the last 5 years or so.

  Abacus Self Storage has been serving the storage needs of the citizens of Richmond Hill and surrounding communities since 1999. Abacus has been chosen as a Consumer’s Choice Award winner for York Region for the last 3 years in a row.

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