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4 Tips to Follow When Storing Clothing

Tips to follow when storing clothing

In Canada, we have four seasons that each require different types of clothing. Thus, you need to have more than one kind of jacket, several types of footwear, and don’t forget about accessories—everything from hats to gloves!

Depending on the size of your home, it can be challenging to find room to store all of your off-season clothing. A storage unit in Richmond Hill is one option for storing clothing that you may not have considered.

In this article, we’ve got some great tips on how to store your clothing in Richmond Hill storage units properly, including the following:

  • Have suitable containers to store your clothing correctly.
  • Prepare your clothing before storage.
  • Rent a temperature-controlled storage unit.

At Abacus Self Storage, our storage units are temperature-controlled and easy to access!

1. Have suitable containers to store Your clothing correctly

When preparing to store your clothing in a Richmond Hill storage unit, you can’t just throw your clothes into any boxes you have lying around your house and consider yourself all set. Instead, it’s essential to make sure you have the right storage supplies for your clothing such as:

  • Plastic storage containers. These are an excellent option for storing clothing. They seal well and can protect your clothes from getting dusty or wet. If you can find clear ones, you can identify what’s inside them without opening your bins!
  • Wardrobe boxes. These are boxes specifically designed to store clothing on hangers. Wardrobe boxes are heavy-duty and very easy to pack and unpack.
  • Garment bags. If you have one-of-a-kind clothing that you want to provide extra protection for, consider buying a garment bag to put it in.

At Abacus Self Storage, we sell a variety of moving and storage supplies, including wardrobe boxes.

2. Prepare your clothing before storage

Another thing you need to do before storing your clothes in Richmond Hill storage units is to prepare them properly.

  1. Wash all of your clothing before placing them in storage. Washing your clothes ensures you’re not putting them into storage with any stains or odours that will just get worse over time. 
  2. Sort your clothing correctly. You need to separate them into two types: items that will be folded, and items that should be hung. Clothes like sweaters, T-shirts, and denim pants can be folded; items like blouses, blazers, and dresses should be hung up.

Both steps will help ensure that your clothes stay fresh and don’t get too wrinkled while in storage units.

3. Rent a climate-controlled storage unit

When looking into Richmond Hill storage units suitable for your clothing, make sure you pick a place that offers temperature-controlled units. 

With a temperature-controlled storage unit, you’re providing your clothes with the best environment to be stored appropriately. This way, whether you come to get your winter coat when snow arrives or your swimwear in a heatwave, your clothes will be all ready to go!

4. Rent storage units from Abacus Self Storage

If you’re looking to rent Richmond Hill storage units, then you’ve come to the right place! At Abacus Self Storage, our storage units offer you so many great features such as:

  • Easy access from Yonge Street, Highway 7, Bayview Avenue, or 16th Avenue.
  • A large variety of sizes to choose from! So, whether you need a small storage unit to store your off-season wardrobe or a large one to keep all your family’s clothes because you’re moving or travelling, we’ve got something for you!
  • Clean and temperature-controlled self-storage units that ensure your clothes don’t get dirty or musty while in storage.
  • Excellent security, including onsite staff and extensive security cameras.

As well, we are open year-round! So, if it’s Christmas morning and you suddenly realize that your Santa hat is in your storage unit, it’s okay. You’ll be able to access it quickly. We also sell a wide variety of moving and storage supplies. Thus, if you need something special  (like a wardrobe box) to store your clothing in, we can help.

It’s Easy to Store Your Clothing Properly in Richmond Hill Storage Units

If you need to store some clothing you’re not using, then a great place to do it is in a storage unit. All you have to do is make sure the clothes you want to store are clean, find the appropriate way to store them (such as plastic containers or wardrobe boxes), and then pick a temperature-controlled storage unit.

At Abacus Self Storage, we can help you with steps 2 and 3. We sell wardrobe boxes that come all set up for you to hang your clothes. As well, we offer clean and temperature-controlled storage units in various sizes to suit your needs!

Don’t let your house overflow with clothing that you’re not using right now. Instead, rent a Richmond Hill storage unit and free up some space!

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