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Christmas Storage Ideas and How to Stay Organized Over the Holidays

Christmas storage ideas

The Christmas season is associated with many festivities and traditions: hosting people, decorating, buying gifts, receiving gifts, cooking, travelling, and many other activities that can make it challenging to stay organized. So, it’s essential to start planning for the holidays as early as possible to reduce your stress during the festive season and maximize your enjoyment once the fun activities begin. There’s never been a better time to be organized!

Here are a few ideas to get organized for the Christmas holidays:

1. Create an open first box for decorations

Consider storing those supplies you use first in an open first box for easy and convenient access.

For instance, you may set up decorations for Thanksgiving first, followed by Christmas and New Year decor later. In such a case, you can create an open first box to store your early decorating supplies for Thanksgiving, so you won’t have to sort through your decorations collection when the time comes. This organization can make holiday decorating more efficient, and saves a lot of time and frustration.

2. Egg carton storage for ornaments

Ornaments help create the mood for different special occasions, and can include emotionally important items such as your baby’s first Christmas or your child’s first craft project. However, these items are usually quite fragile and can easily break if jostled together. It’s essential to take good care of these items by choosing the right storage solution for them.

Reusable egg cartons provide a cheap and secure storage solution for your small Christmas tree ornaments. Since these cartons are designed to protect delicate eggs, they are excellent for storing your fragile Christmas decor, so they’ll be in perfect condition the next time you need to retrieve them from your storage unit.

3. Coffee cans for storing Christmas lights

Many families struggle with tangled Christmas lights during the holiday season, and this can be quite frustrating at a time when you’d rather be doing fun and easy things. If you can put lights away at the end of this season by wrapping them around a coffee can or similarly shaped object of appropriate size, you will save yourself a big headache the following year. Use a separate can for each set of lights, and then label them properly to identify the lights you use on the Christmas tree and those you use for the staircases, outdoors, and other areas. It’s an easy fix to a frustrating problem!

4. Tree bag for your plastic tree and wreaths

If you use a real Christmas tree, you don’t need to worry about storing your Christmas tree after use. However, if you prefer having an artificial tree for long-term use, you need to make storage arrangements because it can occupy quite a lot of space. There are different ways to store your plastic tree, including using tree bags. These artificial trees can be quite heavy, so choose a storage unit into which you can easily move the tree. Finally, you can use rolling Christmas tree stands or portable plant stands to move trees, saving time and hassle.

5. Old clothing rack for wreath storage

Old clothing racks can be repurposed for storing artificial multiple Christmas wreaths. A single rack can accommodate many hanging garlands, making it the ideal storage solution for multiple garlands. You simply put the wreaths on hangers and then place a plastic cover over them for storage until next year. For storing a large wreath, consider using a large plastic bag or cover container to keep the wreath dust free and fresh in appearance. Repurposing has never been more Holiday-friendly!

6. Plastic containers

There are many different types of containers you can use to create your storage box. Stackable plastic tubs with lids are ideal because they allow you to separate various kinds of Christmas decorations and then stack the containers and minimize storage space. Additionally, they can be reused multiple times over the years, offering a permanent and easily organized solution to storage problems.

If you store more than one type of item in each box, make sure to put the decorations that you start with at the top, so they can be retrieved first when decorating the next time. Consider using the cardboard boxes that ornaments are delivered in for short-term storage.

7. Wrapping paper rack

Many families use a specific type of wrapping paper for Christmas gifts, and it can’t be used at other times of the year. As such, you will probably need to store the remaining Christmas wrapping paper and other supplies, including ribbons, bags, bows, and so on to keep them out of the way of your daily life.

A wrapping paper rack provides you with a convenient way to keep your wrapping supplies stored and organized. You can then move the rack to your self-storage unit, so it’s out of the way for the rest of the year, bringing it back out when the holiday season rolls around again each year. As always, convenience and organization are your friends!

8. DIY cart storage

You can also store your wrapping supplies in a rollable cart that is easy to move around and keep stored away when decorating for different holidays during the year. You can modify an IKEA cart to suit your needs and styling preferences, so you have a unique space for storing your different wrapping papers, ribbons, and other supplies. It’s also a great idea for storing loose ribbons that are not on rolls and other craft supplies, keeping everything neat and tidy.

9. Tree packing belts

Smaller artificial trees can be quickly wrapped with belts to hold the branches together, which reduces the space needed for storage and makes it easier to move them. Simply wrap old leather belts around the tree and fasten them properly before moving the tree away to storage.

A Little Planning Goes A Long Way

It only takes a little planning and organizing to avert the Christmas season’s craziness and allow yourself to enjoy all of the magical moments that the holidays bring, while also staying organized and prepared. With your seasonal decor storage solutions, it will be easier and faster to clean up after the holidays and move them to your self-storage unit once things get back to normal.

For more Christmas storage tips and ideas to get organized over the holidays, call Abacus Self-Storage at (905) 763-8600 or contact us here.


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