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Storage Unit Insurance: 3 Benefits of Insuring Your Stored Belongings

3 benefits of insuring your stored belongings

We all think of insurance as just a part of life. You likely already have at least a few kinds of insurance, such as car and home insurance. If you have a family, you may have other types of coverage, such as life, disability, and critical illness insurance.

However, one type of insurance you may have yet to consider is getting coverage on your stored belongings. If you’re planning on keeping anything in a Richmond Hill storage unit, you must have storage unit insurance.

At Abacus Self Storage, we take pride in making sure our customers have a positive experience while renting a self-storage unit from us. We strongly recommend storage unit insurance and will explain its top three benefits below. 

1. Any claims won’t impact your homeowner’s insurance

Depending on the type of homeowner’s insurance policy you have, you may have some coverage for belongings that are not stored at your residence. However, that coverage may only cover off-site belongings for a limited time or up to a predetermined limit, and a claim can impact the cost of your homeowner’s insurance. Repeated claims can cause your insurance premiums to rise, or your insurance company may drop you altogether. 

By having separate insurance for your storage unit, you can help avoid affecting your home insurance, and also avoid increases in the cost of your homeowner’s insurance for any claims for stuff in your storage unit. So you can see why it makes sense to insure your storage unit separately. 

2. Storage unit insurance gives you peace of mind

One of the most common reasons people buy insurance is that it gives them peace of mind and financial protection. No one wants to be out thousands of dollars or more if something happens to their house, car, or other belongings, which is why having the right insurance can give you peace of mind.

While storage units offer security options, that doesn’t mean they are entirely immune to people breaking in, or from someone breaking a sprinkler and causing a flood. Purchasing insurance for the contents of your Richmond Hill storage unit will give you the assurance that you have the financial protection you need if items in your unit are damaged or stolen.

3. Storage unit insurance is very convenient

One of the most significant benefits of buying storage unit insurance is its convenience! You don’t have to get into complicated hassles with determining what is and isn’t covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

You may even be able to buy your policy directly from the company you rent a storage unit in Richmond Hill from. You can shop around to find a policy that suits your needs and budget, but working directly with the self-storage company may be the easiest option.

If you’ve put items into storage because you’re currently renting a smaller place or travelling the world, you won’t have homeowner’s insurance. Instead of deciding if it’s worth trying to get a temporary homeowner’s policy to cover your stored belongings, you can buy storage unit insurance!

How can Abacus Self Storage help me if I’m interested in a storage unit in Richmond Hill?

Now you know all the great benefits of insurance when renting a storage unit. So, how do you  now choose which storage unit company is right for you?  

At Abacus Self Storage, we provide many great features at our secure self-storage units in Richmond Hill. For example, we offer:

  • A convenient and easily accessible location. Our Richmond Hill storage unit location is surrounded by Yonge Street, Highway 7, and Bayview and 16th Avenues.
  • Storage units that come in several sizes. Selling your house and need to store a few items temporarily so you can stage it? If so, then our 5 by 5 feet units may work for you. Or you can put everything into storage while you travel the world? If so, then we can accommodate you with one of our extra large units, which are up to 10 by 30 feet.
  • Excellent security options, including regular security checks by our onsite staff, monitored instruction alarms, and a backup electricity generator, so there are no issues if outside power fails.
  • Spotless and climate-controlled units.

Not sure what size of unit you’ll need, or you’re hunting for moving supplies? Looking for a mover to help you move your items into your Richmond Hill storage unit? Our attentive staff can help you with all of these issues to ensure you get the exact storage unit you need!

Make a Good Richmond Hill Storage Unit Even Better With Storage Unit Insurance

We’ve explained three of the top benefits of buying storage unit insurance:

  1. Any claims you make won’t impact your homeowner’s insurance.
  2. It gives you peace of mind.
  3. It’s convenient to buy and easy to make a claim.

Buying storage unit insurance provides you with financial protection in case your Richmond Hill storage unit is vandalized or items are stolen or damaged by a flood or for some other reason.

At Abacus Self Storage, we offer self-storage units in various sizes, all of which are clean and climate-controlled. We’re easy to get to and offer top-notch security options to help protect your storage unit.

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Whether you’re ready to rent a storage unit or simply want to learn more about the process, we can help. Call us at 289-807-1033 or contact us online to learn more about how we can help you!


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What is the price, and are there any promotions?

Our affordable prices are always set to deliver great value. Further, we regularly run promotions to give our customers the best deals on self-storage.

What should I do if my administrative/personal information has changed?
If your contact information (phone, email, address) changes, please let us know as soon as possible. If you are moving, be sure to change address for utilities, telephones, etc. Organize a checklist related to your move. The post office has special forms for address changes.
What do I need to do if I want to vacate my unit?
Give 1 week notice when the unit is being vacated.
Do I need reservations on a storage unit?
Inquire about advance reservations, to help ensure that a properly sized storage unit will be available when you need it. At Abacus, we do not charge for making advance reservations.
What should I be aware of when renting a storage unit?
Take time to review the storage agreement, as it is your protection while in storage.