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The Best Storage Boxes and Bins to Use in Self Storage Units

Best storage boxes and bins for self storage units

Now that Christmas has come and gone, you may find that you have too much stuff in your house, and no room for it. There’s nothing worse than tripping over clutter day after day, because you may have run out of places to store all your extra stuff!

If you have items that you’re not ready to give up, but don’t have room to store them at the moment, then a storage unit near Thornhill, ON may be the best solution for you. A storage unit can provide you with easy access to your belongings anytime you need them, while freeing up much-needed space in your house.

One of the keys to success with storing items in a storage unit close to Thornhill is to make sure you pick the proper storage bins and boxes. In this article, we’ll tell you about the three main options for storing your stuff:

  • Regular cardboard boxes
  • Specialty cardboard boxes
  • Plastic bins

We’ve also got great tips on how to make sure you pack your items correctly, no matter what type of box or bin you use.

At Abacus Self Storage, we have high-quality storage units located conveniently near Thornhill. We also sell a variety of moving and packing materials, including regular and specialty boxes.

Regular Cardboard Boxes

When you’re looking to pack your stuff up for storage, you likely think first about just using cardboard boxes. After all, you probably have extra boxes on hand or can quickly get access to some.

Cardboard boxes are great because they come in various sizes, and work well for storing almost any object unless it’s extremely bulky.

The main drawback of using cardboard boxes that you already have or used boxes that you get from another source, though, is that they may be infested with pests, or odors, or mold or mildew, that you do not notice, and any of these could get into whatever you put in the box, or into the storage unit. We therefore recommend buying new boxes of various sizes, which you can be sure are clean, and sized according to your needs.

At Abacus Self Storage, our storage units near Thornhill are temperature-controlled, which means that you don’t have to worry too much about issues like mold and mildew ruining your stuff! Abacus also takes extra care to make sure that pests are controlled and do not become a problem in their storage units, and that their storage units are clean and pest free.

Speciality Cardboard Boxes

Depending on the size and shape of the items you want to store, you may want to look into getting specialty cardboard boxes. Specialty cardboard boxes are great for items that may require extra protection or may be an unusual size or shape.

At Abacus Self Storage, we sell specialty cardboard boxes, such as:

  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Glass boxes
  • Dish boxes
  • Mirror boxes
  • Picture boxes

Don’t struggle with trying to fit your belongings into a box that just isn’t the right shape or size! Instead, purchase specialty boxes that ensure your belongings so they are well-protected and appropriately packaged.

Plastic Bins

Plastic bins will cost more upfront than boxes, but they’re ideal for packing and storing your belongings for a variety of reasons:

  1. They stack easily.
  2. They’re better than boxes at protecting your possessions from temperature changes, moisture, and various pests.
  3. They self-seal—no need for packing tape!
  4. You can use them over and over again.

Plastic bins are your best choice for items that could easily get damaged, such as clothing, paper products, and important heirlooms.

Top Tips for Packing Your Items Properly

When you come to store your items in a storage unit, it’s important to make sure that you’ve packed all your items properly. These are our top tips for packing up your items correctly, whether you’re using cardboard boxes or plastic bins:

  • Get good-quality boxes and bins. There’s no point in saving a few dollars just to risk having your items damaged in transit or while in storage.
  • Label boxes and bins once you’re done packing them! Whether you plan to access your items while in storage or not until you’re ready to take them out, it’ll be much faster and easier to find what you’re looking for if all your boxes and bins are correctly labeled.
  • Be sure to fill in any spaces between items inside your boxes and bins. If you have old towels or clothing that you’re no longer using, these can be excellent packing material. You may also want to purchase products such as bubble wrap and packing paper.
  • Make an inventory of everything you’ve packed up, and note which box or bin in which you’ve placed a particular item. Keep the inventory list where you can find it quickly and easily, like on your phone or taped to your fridge!

How can Abacus Self Storage help me?

At Abacus Self Storage, we offer a variety of self-storage units, so whether you just need to store a few things, or you need to put a lot of stuff in storage, we’ve got a unit that will work for you! We also offer a wide variety of boxes and other packing and moving supplies.

Not sure what size of storage unit you need? No problem; our knowledgeable staff is here to help. We can answer any questions you may have about our storage units, including:

  • What size of storage units we offer.
  • What kind of moving and storage supplies we sell.
  • Which communities we serve.
  • All the great security features we offer.

Find the Right Storage Option for You

Along with picking the right storage unit location, it’s important that you make sure you pick the right container to pack your items in. Above, we’ve talked about three different types of containers:

  • Regular cardboard boxes
  • Specialty cardboard boxes
  • Plastic bins

It’s also essential to pack your belongings properly. Therefore, at Abacus Self Storage, we offer a wide variety of packing materials.

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