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Things You Shouldn’t Put In a Self-Storage Unit (Part 2)

Things you shouldn’t put in a self-storage unit (part 2)

When most people get a self-storage unit for the first time, one of their top priorities is figuring out how to store their belongings in a well-organized way that makes the best use of their space.

While this is quite important, it overlooks an even more vital factor that should be considered first—what should and shouldn’t be stored inside their self-storage container.

Although self-storage units are available in various sizes, you can’t simply store whatever you can fit in your unit. There are several limitations of which you must be aware of and to which you must adhere.

While certain items are prohibited from being stored in self-storage for various reasons, others are unwise in this environment, and you should keep them out of your self-storage unit.

It is better to know what should and should not go in a self-storage unit to best prepare for when it comes time to move your things in.

What are some things you should never put in your self-storage unit?

While there are countless things that self-storage units are perfect for storing, there are items you should not put in this type of unit for one reason or another. There may be other places where it is appropriate to store them, but a self-storage unit is not the solution.

You should not store these items in your self-storage unit under any circumstances:

1. Weapons and Ammunition

Even if you have the proper licensing and permits to own a weapon, it is never a good idea to store it in a self-storage unit. Guns, bullets, grenades, flamethrowers, and essentially any other type of weapon that you would not want accidentally going off are all on the list of things that should never be stored in a self-storage unit, as doing so could pose a safety hazard for you, other customers, and the storage facility staff.

In addition, storing such items would lead to liability issues that most storage companies would prefer to avoid.

2. Plants

Another big “no-no” in self-storage is storing plants, which is not a good idea for several reasons. First of all, two essential things that plants need to survive are sunlight and water, and they will receive neither of these things if they are stored away in a dark and dry storage unit.

Aside from storing plants in a storage unit being a near guarantee of their death, this could also potentially attract bugs and other pests. This would not be very good for any other things you have stored in your unit that could be affected by a bug infestation and could also impact other people’s units, which is unfair to them.

3. Furs

Have you recently inherited your great aunt’s authentic old fur coat that is gorgeous, but that you do not quite have room for in your closet? If so, you may think twice before putting it in your self-storage unit. Fur clothing requires specific climate conditions to preserve it, and even has specific light requirements that must be adhered to.

For this reason, if you want to keep up the conditions of your furs, it is much better to store them with a specialty storage provider that can ensure these conditions are met rather than in a standard self-storage unit.

4. Tires

Whether you have an extra set of seasonal tires for your vehicle or you just happen to have some tires that you do not use anymore but do not want to get rid of, the place to keep them should not be your self-storage unit.

Most storage facilities include tires on their list of prohibited items. Tires are generally not permitted in them for many good reasons, including they are flammable. Tire fires can quickly get out of control.

The other main reason for their prohibition is that tires are expensive to dispose of because of the internal reinforcement belts embedded within them. If you leave them behind, the storage company has to deal with these costs.

5. Cannabis

Although it is now legal to own cannabis in Canada, most storage facilities still do not allow the storage of this substance in their self-storage units for various reasons.

For one, the smell of cannabis tends to be very strong, qualifying it on the list of things that are generally not allowed in self-storage, as this could turn off other potential customers.

In addition, dry cannabis can attract mould or bacteria, which could quickly grow out of control in your unit and even potentially spread to others.

How Abacus Self-Storage Will Help You Manage the Things That Can and Should Go in a Self-Storage Unit

For secure storage in Richmond Hill, Abacus Self-Storage has the perfect solution. We offer self-storage units of various sizes and types in a conveniently located facility that is accessible from essentially anywhere in Richmond Hill.

You should avoid storing the things mentioned above in our units. If you have other things in need of storing that are prohibited, we guarantee that our units will keep your items safe and secure for as long as you need.

Whether you need short- or long-term storage, we have got you covered, as we can fit your storage schedule no matter what with our flexible self-storage options.

If you have temperature-sensitive items that you need to store, we offer heated storage units to keep items safe throughout the winter, so you will not have to worry about their condition.

We also make the security of our facility one of our top priorities. Your items are kept safe from both predictable and unpredictable hazards and calamities. When you store your things with us, everything will be as you left it when you return.

For more information about storage options in Richmond Hill or to learn the details of our self-storage unit rental agreements, call Abacus Self Storage at 289-807-1033 or contact us here.


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