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Why Short-Term Storage Units Are Perfect for Moving

Why short-term storage units are perfect for moving

Moving is always a hassle, even if you hire a moving service to help. No matter how you cut it, you still need to invest tons of time sorting and packing your belongings, which is something difficult for movers to do.

However, there are a few things you can do to make life easier, including renting short-term storage in Richmond Hill. In this article, we’ll explain why short-term storage units are perfect for moving.

Keep Your Home Organized as You Pack

First, you can use your short-term storage in Richmond Hill to keep your home organized. As you pack, your residence will become inundated with boxes, making it difficult to move around. This can lead to damaged goods and also makes it unsafe for small kids and pets. Mess creates stress—something you don’t need on top of the stress you’re already feeling because of the move.

However, if you have a short-term storage unit, you can store the boxes you won’t need until after the move, so they’re out of the way. You can pack those boxes first and label them carefully so you know exactly where everything is.

Once you move, you can prioritize what boxes you need to pick up from storage. You can also create more room to pack the rest of your things to help maintain a semblance of sanity.

Address Difficult Moving Situations

There are many reasons a move might not be as straightforward as you’d like. Maybe you’re separating from your partner and want to move your share of the items to storage. Perhaps you’re moving into a temporary residence until your new construction home is complete. Or, maybe you’re downsizing to a smaller home and need storage until you decide what to do with your extra furniture.

You never know when you might find yourself in unusual circumstances that make it difficult to move in one day. However, these situations were made for short-term storage in Richmond Hill, as it allows you to store the items you can’t move until you’re ready.

Keep Your Most Precious Items Safe

During the packing process, your most cherished belongings are at higher risk for damage. Whether it’s antique furniture, art, your vinyl collection, or curios, all those boxes jostling about in your chaotic packing situation make it more likely something you love will get damaged.

With a short-term storage unit, you can safely pack and move your precious items to a safe place until you’re ready for them at your new residence. You open up more space at home and have peace of mind knowing that your most cherished possessions are protected.

Keep Things Organized at Your New Home

Moving all your belongings to your new home is not the end of the move. It starts a whole new process of unpacking, arranging furniture, hanging pictures, etc., which can pressure you to get things done now. However, with a short-term storage unit, you buy yourself some extra time, allowing you to set up your new home at your own pace.

For example, you can move everything you need on the day of your move, such as all your bedroom and living room furniture, and set up all your rooms so you can quickly settle in.

Then, you can prioritize moving your stored items, such as your guest room, a workshop, your tools, etc. This takes the pressure off and also keeps your new home neat and box-free, with everything stored away offsite.

What to Look for in a Short-Term Storage Unit

When deciding what type of short-term storage in Richmond Hill you need, consider the following:

  • Your budget: Moving can be expensive, so you want an affordable solution that will make life easier without impacting your budget.
  • Location: You might find choosing the right location a bit of a conundrum if your new home is far away from your old one. Choosing a storage unit in the middle of the two locations makes the most sense, so you aren’t faced with too long a drive. For example, if you’re moving from Markham to Vaughan, Richmond Hill is right in the middle.
  • Size: Choosing the right size unit can be tricky, so consider what you will likely store to get an idea of the unit you’ll need. You don’t want to get a unit that is too big because you’ll be wasting money on space you’re not using. If your unit is too small, on the other hand, you can always upgrade once you have a better idea of how much stuff you are storing. Here is a breakdown of storage unit sizes and what they typically store:
    • 5 x 5 x 9: This is like a small closet and will fit some boxes or a few pieces of small furniture.
    • 5 x 10 x 9: This is a walk-in closet and can fit several items of furniture along with some boxes.
    • 10 x 10 x 9: Think of this as storage space to fit the typical items found in one or two bedrooms.
    • 10 x 15 x 9: This is much bigger than the previous sizes and will fit up to three bedrooms worth of furniture.
    • 10 x 20 x 9: This is quite large and can fill up to two to four bedrooms worth of furniture.
    • 10 x 30 x 9: This is enough for up to five bedrooms.
  • Timing: Consider when you’ll start packing and how long you’ll need to rent your short-term unit. Will you pick up the items on your moving day, or would you like a month or more to settle in?

    Most short-term storage units have an easy renewal process in case you need to keep your unit for longer. The most important date is to decide when you want the storage unit available so it is ready when you start packing.

As you can see, having short-term storage in Richmond Hill could be the ideal solution to help make moving less stressful. It will keep you organized, provide a safe place for your most valuable belongings, allow you to settle in, and avoid accidents that can cause injury.

For more information on short-term storage in Richmond Hill, reach out to the experts at Abacus Self Storage. You can call us at 289-807-1033 or contact us online.


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