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How a Storage Unit Can Help During a Home Renovation

How a storage unit can help during a home renovation

A good home renovation is one of the best ways to turn a house into a home. Even a small renovation is a fantastic way to update your living space to reflect your unique personal taste. When renovating your home, you have the chance to personalize it to match your preferences and style. Furthermore, several additional benefits can be gained from undertaking such a project.

For example, home renovations often provide an excellent return on investment. Typically, this will help increase your home’s value, allowing you to get back even more than what you put in if you ever sell your house.

Depending on the home renovation type, it can also lead to financial benefits in other areas. For instance, installing modern appliances and hardware can lead to enhanced energy efficiency and consequent savings on monthly energy bills.

Another way that home renovations can benefit you is by contributing to improved functionality within the home to better serve your family’s needs. This can be through adding an office/workspace, finishing a basement, or creating a home extension.

Home renovations can also be used to fix problem areas in your house, such as water damage, roof damage, or shoddy electrical work, thus making your home safer. As you can see, there are many potential benefits that can be reaped from a home renovation project, making it a worthwhile investment.

How can a storage unit assist you during a home renovation project?

No matter the type or scale of the home renovation project, one thing is certain: things are about to get hectic around your house, with certain spaces being unusable for extended periods and dust and dirt getting everywhere in others.

One of the best ways to remove some stress from dealing with the more challenging aspects of a renovation is to rent a storage unit. This way, you will have a place to keep your belongings where they will be secure, clean, and out of the way.

There are plenty of ways that having a storage unit during a home renovation project can be beneficial, including the following:

1. Free up space

One of the unfortunate costs of doing home renovations is that it will not take long before things around your house start to become disorganized, as everything will need to be moved out of the areas actively being worked on.

In addition, there will be tools and a range of different materials taking up space. This can make your home feel quite crowded, especially if you try to keep everything else at home.

You can relieve much of the chaos and limit clutter by removing any unnecessary furniture, boxes, and appliances during this process and placing them in a storage unit until the work is done.

Not only will this minimize the clutter in your home, but it will also give your contractors extra space, thus allowing them to work more efficiently. In the end, this could even help them to get the renovations done faster than would otherwise be possible.

2. Prevent damage to your things

As saws, drills, paint, plaster, and other items get used throughout your home renovation, it is inevitable for things to get rather messy. Thus, anything that gets left out in the areas affected by this mess could potentially be damaged by dust, debris, and even chemicals.

Moving things from room to room as you try to accommodate the renovation process is a questionable suitable solution. All that movement is bound to lead to scratches, scuffs, and even breakage, not to mention the extra work and aggravation on your part.

The only way to protect your belongings is to get them out of the house until the renovations are over. Having a storage unit will give you a safe place to keep them during this time.

3. Maintain peace of mind

When your renovation project begins, the process typically involves various contractors, plumbers, electricians, and other workers regularly going in and out of your house.

Although, for the most part, you can count on these workers to conduct themselves honestly, they are still complete strangers. Thus, you may feel more comfortable if your most prized and valued possessions are not left alone with them during this process.

As well, it is relatively easy for someone to forget to lock up before leaving, and then your house could be vulnerable to theft. For peace of mind, the best thing to do is remove such items from the house and temporarily relocate them to a more secure location.

Better quality self-storage units come with various security features, and therefore could be the perfect solution for protecting your belongings while the renovation is being completed.

How Abacus Self Storage Can Help You Find a Solid Storage Unit Before Your Next Home Renovation

If you have an upcoming renovation project, and would like to reap the benefits of renting a storage unit during this process, Abacus Self Storage can provide storage in Richmond Hill that will meet your needs.

We have provided our valued customers with secure and reliable storage solutions for over 25 years, while maintaining a high degree of cleanliness throughout our temperature-controlled premises, along with friendly expert service.

We understand the value of having a place you can count on to keep your belongings safe and secure. This is why we also maintain a well-lit site with advanced security systems, to protect the belongings of all customers on site.

No matter how long your home renovations take to complete, we have you covered, as we provide both long-and short-term storage options with flexible unit rental agreements.

We also offer units in a wide range of sizes, so we can accommodate the type and amount of things you need to store. The best part is that we provide our top-quality storage units at fair and affordable prices and discounts, so you can keep within your budget as your costly renovations are progress.

For more information about our storage in Richmond Hill, or to get a quote on a storage unit today, call Abacus Self Storage at 289-807-1033 or contact us here.


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