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How to store furniture in a storage unit

How to store furniture in a storage unit

When you store your furniture or any other items, you should remember that you are doing so at your own risk. Accordingly, it is your responsibility to store your goods carefully and in accordance with all provisions in your storage agreement (which you can discuss with the storage service provider). Further, it is always advisable to have insurance against damage or other loss (if possible, ask your storage provider about insurance if you have any questions).

Visit the Unit Ahead of Time

When planning to store your furniture within a storage unit provided by a local provider, ensure that you visit the unit ahead of time. This process will allow you to check the space and make sure there’s enough room for all of your furniture. It will also allow you to speak with the storage company and find out more about their working process. What kind of steps do they take to keep the building environment under control? What should you do to protect your furniture? These are questions to consider when visiting the unit and speaking with a member of the storage company’s team. Obviously, you want to be reasonably sure that your furniture will safe and secure while it is in storage – some effort on your part before you move in is the best way to get an understanding of the quality of service and value being offered by the storage facility, and the things that you should do to protect your furniture.

Protect Rugs, Carpets, and Cloth Covered Furniture

To avoid any damage to carpets and other fabric items, put them in a protective sealed box or bag. This will protect these kinds of items from moths or other problem insects and pests.

Make Climate Control a Leading Consideration

Climate control should be the leading consideration when you’re considering how to protect your furniture while in storage. Relatively consistent temperature and humidity control will help protect your furniture. Too much humidity can cause damage to furniture. Similarly, major temperature changes experienced during storage can cause wood furniture to contract and expand, and can impact the look and strength of the piece.

Take the Extra Time to Disassemble Furniture

If you have limited storage space within your unit, try to disassemble your furniture before you place it into the storage unit (assuming disassembly is possible). Trying to fit in a large chair or couch can often lead to scratching the material or otherwise damaging it.

Raise the Furniture

When placing furniture in a storage unit, take care to ensure that it is raised from the floor. This will help to keep furniture dry (from condensation on concrete, or from water from any source).

Keep the Furniture Covered

Within the storage unit, keep the furniture covered to protect it from dust, or even humidity and condensation. Using a cloth cover (which is preferable to a plastic cover) and tying it over the furniture is the best way to protect the piece against scratches and accidental damage.

Tips for Choosing a Storage Services Provider

When selecting a local provider of storage services, consider the following:

  • Their experience

How much experience do the company and its team have within the storage industry? Do they have a clear understanding of the care required when storing furniture? Do they understand the challenges involved in maintaining a safe storage space?

  • The security measures

What level of security does the company offer when storing personal belongings? Are they able to provide you with clear details on the measures they take? Make sure that the company has security cameras within their facility and is committed to protecting your belongings against potential intrusion.

  • Site cleanliness

Notice how clean a facility is when you visit. A clean facility is often a well operated facility, and it will have great customer service, great security, a temperature controlled environment, packing and moving supplies, and all of the things you need to have a happy storage experience.

  • The storage cost

How much does it cost to store your furniture within the unit? Will your storage fees be payable on a monthly basis, or on a 4 week cycle which is about 8% more expensive than a monthly basis?. Consider the length of time you will be storing your belongings within the facility, and then ask if any discounts are available for a prepayment of 3 or 6 months or longer periods.
Ensure that you ask for an itemized bill when paying for storage services, as this will help you to see exactly where your money is being allocated.

  • The size of the facility

As previously mentioned, the size of the facility should be a key consideration when evaluating your storage options. Can the company provide you with more information about the various sizing options? Can they help you to upgrade your unit if you require more space in the future? Ensure that you have an idea about your options before you decide upon a specific facility. The company can then showcase their various units, allowing you to decide which unit offers the best value for you and your storage needs.

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What is the price, and are there any promotions?

Our affordable prices are always set to deliver great value. Further, we regularly run promotions to give our customers the best deals on self-storage.

What should I do if my administrative/personal information has changed?
If your contact information (phone, email, address) changes, please let us know as soon as possible. If you are moving, be sure to change address for utilities, telephones, etc. Organize a checklist related to your move. The post office has special forms for address changes.
What do I need to do if I want to vacate my unit?
Give 1 week notice when the unit is being vacated.
Do I need reservations on a storage unit?
Inquire about advance reservations, to help ensure that a properly sized storage unit will be available when you need it. At Abacus, we do not charge for making advance reservations.
What should I be aware of when renting a storage unit?
Take time to review the storage agreement, as it is your protection while in storage.