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9 Self-Storage Tips to Follow This Fall

9 self-storage tips to follow this fall

Whether you rent self storage all year long in Richmond Hill, or if you require additional storage during the fall for your spring and summer items, optimizing your storage space calls for careful planning. 

In this article, we will share nine self-storage tips to follow this fall so you can use every square centimetre of your space.

1. Consider what items you need to store

Make a list of the things that you have at home that you want to store. When making your list, make sure the list only includes things that you will not need at home over the fall season, to avoid paying for too much self storage space in Richmond Hill. Some common items that homeowners often store during the fall include:

  • Gardening tools and equipment, including lawnmowers, weed whackers, and hedge trimmers

  • Summer clothing and toys

  • Large items used for summer activities, such as bicycles, water skis, inflatable pools, and surf/boogie boards

  • ATVs, motorcycles, jet skis, and canoes

  • Outdoor furniture and carpets

  • Barbecues and camping gear (NEVER store propane tanks in a self storage unit, or in any other indoor space. Storing propane tanks in a self storage unit is strictly prohibited.) 

  • Planters and urns

Storing these items will free up space in your garage, attic, or outdoor shed, which will give you room for those things you will need over the fall and winter seasons, like skis, hockey equipment, colder weather clothing, halloween and other holiday decorations, snow removal items, etc. 

2. Use your storage unit efficiently 

If you have a year-round storage unit, create a list of the things that are now in storage but which you want at home for fall and winter, to free up space for your spring and summer items. This list might include:

  • Rakes

  • Snow shovels

  • Holiday decor

  • Winter clothes

  • Oversized items for winter activities, such as toboggans, sleds, skidoos, and ski gear

Switching between spring-summer and fall-winter items minimises the space you may need for storage in Richmond Hill while keeping the things you will need in appropriate months or seasons within reach.

3. Calculate your storage unit size

Whether you are getting a new unit or already have one, it helps to calculate and consider the size of the storage unit you will need. You might find that large items like outdoor furniture sets and ATVs take up more space than your current unit offers. 

If it’s a unit you are renting for the first time, you want to optimize space and not rent a unit any larger than you actually need in Richmond Hill. Here’s what the average storage unit can handle: 

  • Small units ranging from 5’ x 5’ to 5’ x 10’: These units can be used for summer items like lawnmowers, summer clothes, and a barbecue.

  • Medium units ranging from 10’ x 10’ to 10’ x 15’: Medium units provide additional space ideal for active families with things like canoes, dirt bikes, and typical patio furniture such as a stackable dining set.

  • Large units ranging from 10’ x 20’ to 10’ x 30’: This is for the family that is summer crazy and invests in all the comforts mentioned above, as well as large patio sets, urns, and bigger items like jet skis or a fishing boat. Units of this size are about equal to the space in a typical one-car garage. 

If you aren’t sure how much space you need, speak to your Abacus self-storage specialist. They will make some expert suggestions to help you choose the right size.

4. Consider self storage temperature control in the winter

Fall and winter can expose your belongings to harsh and cold temperatures. While not as harmful as hot and humid conditions, a temperature controlled self-storage unit reduces the risk of moisture damage, or damage caused by expansion and contraction.

Temperature controlled units are usually maintained at 8 to 10 degrees Celsius in winter, to help protect against potential damage. 

5. Look for drive-up access for larger items

Drive-up access allows you to deliver items right to the storage unit door. This is an essential convenience for:

  • Summer vehicles like small boats, ATVs, etc.

  • Gear such as canoes, kayaks, and bikes

  • Other items that make your summer enjoyable

6. Security

Your belongings are valuable, even if you just store things like summer clothes and basic gardening items. Therefore, security is a significant consideration for your storage in Richmond Hill. Security features should include:

  • An emergency electricity generator to maintain a consistent building temperature during winter storm blackouts, and to also prevent water damage from fire sprinkler pipe freeze ups.

  • Strategically placed security cameras for extensive property surveillance.

  • Motion sensors for improved safety lighting throughout the facility that also discourage intruders.

  • Secure entrance gates with keypad entry codes to control access.

These security touches provide peace of mind throughout the fall and winter.

7. Proper procedures for winter storage

While basic items don’t require much thought, if you are storing things such as a recreational summer vehicle, you want to ensure that you follow proper procedures. Some things to remember:

  • You MUST remove fuel from the tank, as explosive materials or liquids are prohibited in self storage 

  • Batteries of any kind should be removed, as there is a possibility of spontaneous combustion in certain kinds of batteries 

Your self storage company in Richmond Hill will also have safety regulations that you will need to follow. 

Consider access

Although storage in Richmond Hill is helpful for items you won’t likely use in the fall, make sure you consider the things you might need. You’ll want to move certain items to an easier access point at the front of your unit. For example, if you don’t have room for holiday decorations at home, you’ll need these once Halloween and the winter rolls around.

Keeping your storage unit organized based on the priority of potential use saves you the trouble of climbing over boxes or pulling boxes out of the unit to find what you need. 

8. Safety

Careful organization also helps keep storage in Richmond Hill safe. Invest in sturdy, reusable, and stackable storage bins to ensure stacks of boxes won’t topple on top of you.

If you’re using cardboard boxes, always store the heaviest things on the bottom to avoid crushing lighter items below and reducing the risk of heavy boxes falling on you from above. You can also keep boxes on wooden pallets to help avoid water damage.

9. Contact the Storage Professionals

Storing your summer items in the fall in a self storage unit in Richmond Hill helps free up space at home for the items you’ll need in the colder months. These tips will help you optimize space, protect your belongings, and keep you safe.

At Abacus Self Storage in Richmond Hill, we offer expert advice, high security, temperature-controlled units, and free wooden pallets to help optimize your space. Click here to learn more.  


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